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Village Survey on Shortlisted Sites

Shortlisted Sites and Housing Needs Survey

We have now got to the stage of shortlisting five sites for further investigation. Our Street Champions will soon be delivering a two-part survey to every home in Crowhurst.

In PART A we need you to tell us which of these sites you believe would be most suitable for potential new housing in the village. As well as seeking your views on the shortlisted sites there are some questions about the environment, road safety, parking and community facilities. Please complete one Part A per PERSON

PART B includes questions about you and your families' own housing needs so that we are able to balance the requirements of Rother District Council with the actual needs of village residents. Please complete one Part B per HOUSEHOLD


PART A ONLINE SURVEY (click to access survey online)
  • Shortlisted sites preference
  • Environment
  • Road safety and parking
  • Community facilities
To complete this survey you will need to see the map of the 5 shortlisted sites and the table with the full site descriptions below. (to download these document, please go to the website

PART B ONLINE SURVEY (click to access survey online)

  • You and your families housing needs

​We would love to hear from everyone in the village, all ages welcome. The surveys together will take about 25 minutes to complete. Please tell us what you think, your views are really important, they will be used to develop the Neighbourhood Plan and help shape the future of our village.

​Please complete the surveys by SUNDAY 11th JUNE 2017

If you would like any help completing these surveys, please contact your local Street Champion. Feel free to also comment or ask questions using the comments box on the blog.


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A big thank you to everyone who took part in our second village wide survey this summer. It was great to see so many people at the presentation of the results on the 8th July. We received 301 individual responses to the survey exploring views of the shortlisted sites and 169 households responded to the housing needs survey. We have now analysed all the results and read all your comments. Below is a brief summary of the survey results, the full report is available on our website

Shortlisted sitesThe five shortlisted sites that are being explored for housing development are:

Site A: Field to the West of Forewood Rise combined with Paddock Area to the South of Forewood Rise. Site B: Coombe Dell (site of existing bungalow plot), located on East-side of Forewood Lane, immediately South of the Railway Bridge. Site C: Land on the Eastern-side of the Southern-half of Station Road, extending to existing farm buildings. Si…

Welcome to the Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan blog

Welcome to the Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan blog. 
It has been rightly noted that there is no space for comment on the Neighbourhood Plan website. This blog is a response to that. Although the blog will post updates on the Neighbourhood Plan process, it is mostly to enable people in the village to engage directly with feedback, comments and questions.  
The latest news is that we now have a shortlist of possible sites for development in the village. These sites are based on feedback from Crowhurst residents who came to see the Sites Exhibitions held over four days at the end of March / beginning of April.  We had over 500 responses and the shortlist emerged from these. If you would like to see comments on all sites and a summary of positive/negative responses please download the documents on the HOME PAGE
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Thank you for your surveys

Thank you to everyone who completed the Shortlisted Sites survey. Results will be published in the next few weeks so please check back here or the website soon.

In the meantime please note dates for the next meetings below. See you there!

Next Meetings

Neighbourhood Plan Group
Survey results and general update, Q&A session.
Saturday 8th July at 3.30pm in the Village Hall
Steering Group
Monday 10th July at 7.30pm in the Village Hall