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Welcome to the Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan blog

Welcome to the Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan blog. 

It has been rightly noted that there is no space for comment on the Neighbourhood Plan website. This blog is a response to that. Although the blog will post updates on the Neighbourhood Plan process, it is mostly to enable people in the village to engage directly with feedback, comments and questions.  

The latest news is that we now have a shortlist of possible sites for development in the village. These sites are based on feedback from Crowhurst residents who came to see the Sites Exhibitions held over four days at the end of March / beginning of April.  We had over 500 responses and the shortlist emerged from these. If you would like to see comments on all sites and a summary of positive/negative responses please download the documents on the HOME PAGE

The next step is a public consultation that looks at these sites in more detail and every household in the village will have an opportunity to comment further. Please bear in mind that at this stage we do not know if any of these sites are structurally or environmentally viable. This can only be confirmed when we  survey the final short list of sites most acceptable to the majority of villagers.

It is therefore impossible at this stage to draw any concrete conclusions about final locations. It  could be the case, for example, that a site favoured by the majority turns out to be environmentally of structurally unviable when surveyed. So this is always an unfolding process.

The penultimate stage will be a draft Neighbourhood Plan document that will list sites confirmed as viable and the village will then have an opportunity to express their preferences on details such as the number of housing units / access etc. on all or each of these sites. The document will then be submitted​ to Rother Council by the end of the year. 

At this stage of the process your feedback and engagement is more vital than ever. So if you are unable to attend the regular meetings in the village hall and need a place to comment then please do so here.


Crowhurst Resident said…
Great to see this linked from the website. Thanks to the NP team for all your hard work.
Geoff said…
Thank you for the postcard detailing the possible development sites. Where is a map with these marked on? Alternatively a full postcode address rather than a vague house name.
Thank you for your comment. Sorry there is no map at present. We are still trying to convert the very large, paper Sites Map into a workable, digital file that shows the locations of the shortlisted sites with enough clarity. However, we are hoping that maps with more detail on site locations will be available here and on the website by early next week.

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A big thank you to everyone who took part in our second village wide survey this summer. It was great to see so many people at the presentation of the results on the 8th July. We received 301 individual responses to the survey exploring views of the shortlisted sites and 169 households responded to the housing needs survey. We have now analysed all the results and read all your comments. Below is a brief summary of the survey results, the full report is available on our website

Shortlisted sitesThe five shortlisted sites that are being explored for housing development are:

Site A: Field to the West of Forewood Rise combined with Paddock Area to the South of Forewood Rise. Site B: Coombe Dell (site of existing bungalow plot), located on East-side of Forewood Lane, immediately South of the Railway Bridge. Site C: Land on the Eastern-side of the Southern-half of Station Road, extending to existing farm buildings. Si…

Draft Neighbourhood Plan Consultation



The Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan, Regulation 14, DRAFT Pre-submission Consultation will take place between 16th January and 28th February. 
During this period, we want to:

Show you the Draft Plan
Give you a chance to ask questions
Get your feedback

If the plan is to succeed, your input is VITAL so please come to one of our events. These are as follows: 

FRIDAY 19th JANUARY 9.00am - 11.00am in the coffee shop at St. Georges Church 

10.00am - 2.00pm in the Village Hall (During and after the the Village Market)

10.00am - 4.00pm in the Village Hall

You can give us your feedback during these events by filling in a comments form or you can send your feedback via the website
At the bottom of the 'Regulation 14, Consultation Documents' page you will find a short feedback form and for more substantial or multiple  comments a downloadable document.  A direct link to that page is here: